My First Blog

So, here i go.  Joining the masses and starting a blog.  Nervous, yet excited.  Will I say something ridiculous or share something of interest…with anyone who happens upon my ramblings.

I will start by saying I am a mom of three amazing boys.  Very Blessed.  I am also the owner of a small business,   My business is about creating and sewing unique and practical items that can be custom embroidered.   I love to work on building my business and creating new, unique products that I hope customers will enjoy.  I love to create and I love to sew and I do it all from a room in my basement.  A room that is full of fabrics, threads, pillows and sewing machines.  A room that my family fondly refers to as “The Sweatshop”.  Well, thanks for reading my first blog.  I hope that you will continue to check in and read my posts!

One thought on “My First Blog

  1. Hey Janet, By friend Colleen loved the towel I gave to her daughter for her first birthday…fantastic job!! I’ll be back for more:)

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