Washed Linen NapkinsLike most, I have a crazy, busy life. My husband and I live in Toronto, Canada and have three incredible boys (now young men!) who leave us feeling very proud and blessed. Holmesmith Handmade, my business and passion, offers handcrafted and personalized textile goods that ar
e timeless, classic and skillfully crafted!

Getting lost in the possibilities of natural and classic fabrics, particularly linen and cotton, is my nemesis. Creating practical, well made products that can be personalized to make truly thoughtful, unique gifts for your friends and family is my inspiration.

While beauty and quality are paramount, it is important that my goods are hard working, practical and improve with age. Holmesmith Handmade was originally inspired by my love of natural fibres, simpler times and my family roots. As a child visiting my grandmother, I was surrounded by textures, sounds and smells that would never leave me. A talented seamstress she was, handcrafting so many of the items she used in everyday life…aprons, tea towels, table linens, bread bags, clothing and shoe bags. Sometimes re-purposing grain and flour sacks, but always using strong, natural fabrics like linen and natural cotton.

With many of the traditions originating from her farming days, I recall the earthy, organic smelling ‘root cellar’ with its heavy trap door, dirt floor and burlap bags storing the latest harvest of potatoes, rutabaga and onions. The shelving was lined with canning and preserves…everything from peaches to pickles.

An avid baker, most mornings she was busy baking homemade goodness for her hungry family and farmhands. Mmmm…the smell of warm fresh baked bread, which of course was stored in natural linen bags she had sewn.

Inspired by these things, and my own mother who inherited many of these traditions, my goal is to bring a touch of this organic, timeless lifestyle to life’s daily chores. And if it makes you smile just a bit…that’s good too!

I sincerely hope you will visit my Etsy shop or my website Holmesmith.com to see view our full line of products.



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